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qualitative and quantitative research

Vista leverages the latest online technologies and traditional customer and consumer research methods to provide you with actionable insights and solutions for your business. By using qualitative research, Vista is able to provide insights into a customer’s behaviors and motivations towards your company or branding. By using quantitative research, we are able to provide you with measurable statistics. A mix of old school and new school, offline and online, qualitative and quantitative market research.


Vista conducts research studies utilizing a selection of proven, established online and digital platforms, both qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Community panel research services include comprehensive quantitative research through online surveys and qualitative research through online discussion forums.
  • Mobile research studies enable you to capture consumer insights at the exact moment they are experiencing your brand or your store.
  • Social media monitoring is essential in that it takes the current pulse of consumers, and answers the question: What are they really saying about you? 


The Vista team has all of the bases covered with decades of combined experience in all traditional customer and consumer research methodologies. Focus groups, IDI’s, phone and mail surveys, store intercepts? Check.